5.0 The User Side

The Polls module is very simple from the user perspective – they can either vote, or view the results of a poll. You have two ways to access the poll and its results. One is in a block, as we’ve seen above.


The other one is using the link in the Main Menu:


Which will open the list of Polls:


The polls that are available for voting will have an active link. For the expired ones, you’ll only have a link to the results.


Make a choice (or several choices if multiple selections have been enabled) and press the ‘Vote!’ button ! It’s that simple. A ‘thank you’ message will be displayed. Once a user has voted they can’t vote again – a ‘sorry you have already voted’ message will be displayed if they try.


After voting, the user is directed to the ‘Poll results’ page.

Viewing poll results

Poll results are also accessible through the ‘results’ button on the polls block or from the Polls index page.