2.0 Administration Menu

image001.jpg Figure 1: Main view of the Publisher Module (Admin side)

There are 10 tabs for the Administrator:

Tabs Purpose
Home The starting point for your Admin view
Summary Here you can see the summary of your activities, showing you the number of categories, number of articles, incl. info about how many are submitted, published, and are off-line. You can also see all the articles.
Categories List of all created categories of the module.
Articles List of articles, grouped by: Submitted, Published, Offline, and Rejected
Permissions Detailed permissions for various aspects of Publisher
Mime Types Overview of file extensions available, where you can decide who can upload what extension
Import Here you can import articles from older XOOPS modules directly into Publisher
Clone If you need separate Publisher instances under different names, you can "clone" Publisher here
About Information about Publisher, incl. version number, release date, etc.
Help Some general help information, with links to this tutorial

We'll explain the individual tabs in more detail later.