1.0 Install/Uninstall

No special measures necessary, follow the standard installation process - extract the module folder into the


directory in your XOOPS installation. Install the module through Admin -> System Module -> Modules.

  1. Copy the complete lexikon folder into the /modules directory of your website.
  2. Upload the files to your website: XOOPS_ROOT_URL/modules/lexikon
  3. Log in to your site as administrator.
  4. Update (or Install) the module using the XOOPS module administration panel at 'System Admin -> Modules'.
  5. In case you upgrade the module from a previous version run lexikon/admin/upgrade.php
  6. Don't forget to set the permissions for each category.

Customize the module to suit your demands by setting the configuration options. Please note that some options can be set in lexikon/include/common.inc.php.

Detailed instructions on installing modules are available in the Chapter 2.12 of our XOOPS Operations Manual

Installation Requirements

XOOPS 2.5.8 + PHP 5.5+