3.0 Preferences

In the Preferences, you can set the most important options for the module, such as the number of entries per page.


Figure 8 The Preferences options

Option Function
Reclick time: This sets the period of time during which repeated clicks on a partner from the same browser will not increment the hit counter (it is based on a cookie). The default is one day.
Limit main page to xx entries You can control how many partners you want to appear in the Partners index page. The default is five. Set it at ‘0’ to display all available partners (0 = no limit).
On main page show Choose how you want to display partners on the index page for this module. You have a choice of displaying your partner’s logos, text links to their site, or both.
Order main page content by: Controls how the Partners index page contents are sorted. The choices are to sort by ID, number of hits, title (alphabetical) or weight. The default is to sort by hits.
Order main page content by: Ascending or descending order (default is descending).