8.0 Miscellaneous

How to change the menu title

Log in as the site administrator(not as the module admin), and go to the administration menu. Open 'Modules' in 'System Admin' section. In the list of installed modules, change the title of the module as you wish. The title that appears in the main menu will be changed accordingly.

The module tries to look into the quiz source and make necessary changes. However, the check is not perfect, and there are things it cannot handle properly. One example is the navigation links embedded when the quiz files were originally created, such as the Index button to go back to the index file, or Previous / Next buttons to navigate through the set of quizzes. These will show as dead links when the quiz files are integrated into XOOPS.

To avoid this, the best users can do is to turn off the automatic embedding of the navigation links when they create the quizzes. For details, please consult the Hot Potatoes manual and related documents.


In XOOPS as well as in this module, cookies are frequently used to pass necessary information over pages. If the browser is not set to accept cookies, a large part of the functions do not operate properly.

Security software

Security applications such as Norton or McAfee are reported to cause problems in the XOOPS environment. If you persistently have problems , please check if any firewall or virus software is installed and running on your computer. Try turning it off and see whether the problems continue.

Tips for teachers

In a document titled as "Tips for Teachers", several tips are provided for teachers in using XOOPS and XoopsHP for classes.