1.0 Install/Uninstall

  1. Installation follows the usual XOOPS routine. After downloading the module distribution pack, decompress the file and open the folder and any nested folder beneath until you find the main module files. The parent folder will be uploaded to your server into the 'Modules' directory. Now open and view the 'Readme' or changelog files and follow any directions given. There are no pre-install configurations required for this module.

  2. Using your usual FTP client upload the "/publisher" folder with the files to your '/modules' directory of your XOOPS website.

  3. Open your website administration page and go to 'modules'

  4. Install the module by clicking the install link. A confirmation page should give you a link back to 'module administration page'

For more information about installing XOOPS Modules, please read the XOOPS Operation Guide