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Module XoopsHP

for XOOPS 2.5.8


User Manual

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Module Purpose

This module helps you to:

  • Manage Hot Potatoes quiz files on the web
  • Let your students take the quizzes on the web
  • Keep track of your student progress and results

all within the sophisticated environment of XOOPS, so that in combination with other features of XOOPS such as Forum, News, and Download modules, teachers can create their online class portals with little effort and budget. Please read Tips for Teachers for more information.

image001.png Figure 1: Main view of the XoopsHP Module (Admin side)

Download/Fork the Module

You can fork the module --> here)

How to Contribute

You can contribute on GitHub. Changes will be pushed to Gitbook.io automatically when the main repository changes.

Editing the book can be done either by updating the markdown files with a text editor, or opening the repository in the Gitbook desktop app. The desktop app will give you a live preview option.

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