9.0 Module/Tutorial Credits

The Module and the Tutorial have been developed by Richard Griffith (aka Geekwright).

Commercial support for this module is available.

For more information, visit http://geekwright.com/

The Geekwright Process

In its formation, Geekwright inherited more than two decades of software development and support experience from its founder. All of that experience, even with technologies that have come and gone, has shown us what works and what doesn't; what is safe and what is risky; what factors have the largest influence on your success. From this experience we have a unique process that we use to guarantee your success.

The first step is objective analysis. This isn't just a list of the work you need done. This involves understanding where your business is now, where you want it to be in the future, and how this work can help you to achieve that future. Your success in meeting your objectives is our most important concern. If you succeed, so do we.

From the objective analysis we build a work plan. This plan includes the services we can provide to help you achieve your objectives. Attaining the desired future is not always risk free. We continuously analyze the work plan for risks and devise ways to mitigate them. This work plan forms the basis of the quote for services we will provide and review with you before beginning work.

As work progresses on your plan, we will provide access to the developing solution in a prototype setting. With this prototype, you can get a hands on feel for the solution. Your feedback will be used to refine the solution. This prototype method helps to ensure that your business needs are fully incorporated in the solution.

When your solution is ready for implementation, we follow a strict change management discipline. If it should ever become necessary to rebuild or restore a system we have implemented, you can be confident that all the details, the coding, and the configurations are known and ready to get you back and running as quickly as possible.

At Geekwright, we take your business and your success very seriously.