4.0 Operating Instructions


Place Bar

All functions in gwloto relate to a specific place. The place bar shows the current place in the hierarchy, and allows navigation through that hierarchy. The world icon at the front of the place bar gives access to a selection list of all places for which the user has a defined authority.

If no place has been selected, and the user does not have a home place set, and the user has authorities defined for more than one location, a list of places where the user has defined authorities will be presented. If a current place can be determined, the place bar will show the current place, preceded by links to all parent places to the current place and followed by a selector showing all children places to the current place if they exist.

Usually, clicking on or making a selection from the place bar will load the new place into the Place Browser. The exceptions to this are in the User Authority and Browse Media functions, which reload themselves with the newly selected place.

Action Menu

The Action Menu is context sensitive and shows the user functions which can be selected in the current context. For example, if the user has the authority for a place to add control plans, the Action Menu will contain an Add a Control Plan option.